Advanced Detailing and Design Application

ADDA - Advanced Detailing and Design Application

ADDA Construct is an AutoCAD plug-in that provides advanced 3D modelling and rebar detailing functionality. The solution delivers a data rich Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and enables rebar companies to optimize their return on investment, without changing their detailing workflow. ADDA Construct is tightly integrated with aSa Project Manager, and has direct takeoff to aSa.Studio.

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Get started easily

Because ADDA is an add-on to AutoCAD, you won't have to worry about complicated installation or an intimidating new interface.

Detect congestion problems early

View modeled concrete and rebar from any angle or distance to find and correct congestion problems or design flaws before they become issues at the jobsite.

Reduce waste

Analyze the 3D structure to identify areas where stock bars can be used to save on overall material costs.  

Estimate construction time requirements

Produce accurate time analysis of construction sequences to get a realistic picture of how long each section of the project will take to complete.
Solution Details

Take advantage of the tools you already use, and retain your existing workflows. If you have invested in AutoCAD, you don't need to retrain detailers or purchase a new CAD platform. ADDA’s unique parametric reinforcement software utilizes AutoCAD as its engine to deliver market-leading 3D reinforcement modelling software that features a data-rich BBS (bar bending schedule), 2D tagging, optimization / scrap analysis, element simulation, and IFC export functionality.


ADDA Construct is built by reinforcers, for reinforcers. It's utilized throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and is now available in North America through aSa. Our team of expert CAD support specialists have been trained on ADDA and are ready to help you make the most of this exciting detailing solution.






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