Common Tools
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Common Tools

Common tools are core components used by all other aSa modules:

  • Business Partner lets you easily define your customers, vendors, and other associates.
  • Job provides simple entry tools to set up your project details and settings.
  • Product enables you to define the material that you provide to your customers.
  • Dashboards present your aSa data in easy-to-grasp graphical format.


See the big picture

Seeing where you stand in real-time helps you make smarter decisions. With aSa.Studio dashboards, any information in your system can be presented as a chart, graph, table, and more.

Reduce clerical time

Customer-level information automatically populates when you create a new job. Job information automatically populates when you create a new order. There’s no need to re-enter data.

Manage security easily

Set up security groups with user-defined permissions, then assign users to those groups. It couldn’t be easier to allow or prevent access to your system’s data and functionality.

Share data among multiple locations

If you have multiple office or shop locations, you can share your customers, jobs, and products among each business unit. Reports let you summarize across your entire enterprise.



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