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Load Tracking

aSa Load Tracking helps ensure that every bundle you produce is loaded for shipment correctly — no missing bundles, no misfabricated bundles, and no bundles on the wrong trailers.

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Never leave a bundle behind

As you scan item tags, the system keeps track of the items that are loaded as well as the items that remain.

Eliminate misfabricated items

Optional Material Tracking scans record each step of fabrication. In Load Tracking, the scanner beeps and displays a message if you attempt to load an item that missed a fabrication step, such as a straight item that should have been bent.

Get the info you need right on the shop floor

Whether you need to see the heat number associated with an item, the job it belongs to, or the trailer where it needs to be loaded, your answer is only a scan away.

Rely on shop-ready equipment

aSa supplies rugged scanning equipment designed to handle the rigors of a rebar facility. We also offer warranties to protect your hardware investment.
Solution Details

aSa Load Tracking uses wireless barcode scanners to validate each bundle of steel as it is loaded for shipment. In addition to recording the “loaded” status of each bundle, the system has built-in checks to prevent material from being loaded onto the wrong trailer. It also prevents trailers from leaving your shop before all bundles have been loaded.







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