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Order Entry

Order Entry lets you quickly and easily list material for your customers, shop crew, and field placers. In one easy-to-use tool, you get:

  • A rapid takeoff screen with engineering calculations and error-checking.
  • A super simple way to produce quote and sales order documents.
  • A powerful reporting engine with countless customization options.
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Integrate your entire system

All aSa.Studio modules work together to keep your whole team on track. For example, the system prevents you from changing an order that has already been fabricated.

Take advantage of cloud-based computing

Run aSa.Studio in the cloud and you won’t have to worry about complicated hardware requirements, data backups, or installing software. As an alternative, you can host aSa.Studio on your own web server if you want more in-house control.

Automate all calculations

Order Entry can automatically develop all bars required for common structure types, including Linear Steel - calculates stock and piece-out bars for a linear run; and Varying Bars - such as reinforcing for a sloped retaining wall.

Eliminate hand-drawn shapes

Industry standard shapes for all major building codes are built into the system, but you can also design and take off your own custom shapes. Just like standard shapes, custom shapes validate dimensions and print on all tags and reports.
Solution Details

Create mistake-free material lists faster. When you enter lines, the system automatically checks your entries for errors; validates shape dimensions as you enter them; and inserts standard hooks, slope lengths, and calculated dimensions for bent bars. Import tools, a custom shape designer, and detailing calculators are all part of the package.




  • 1: Takeoff
  • 2: Shapes
  • 3: Tools & Reports
  • 1: Takeoff de materiales
  • 2: Forma
  • 3: Herramientas e informes









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