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Shipping Ticket

Your customers will appreciate the professional-quality bills of lading. Your drivers will appreciate the clear delivery instructions. You’ll appreciate the fact that it all came from a single, easy-to-use application. Generate shipments using any one of three methods:

  • Start with a blank shipping ticket and add orders that you want to ship together.
  • Start with a list of orders and select the ones you want to ship. The system automatically creates shipments based on the job and any pre-assigned delivery sequences.
  • Plan truck loads in aSa Scheduling, then automatically generate shipping tickets without the need to even open the Shipping Ticket screen. 


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Stop hand-writing bills of lading

aSa’s easy-to-use Delivery Ticket tool lets you create professional-quality shipping documentation faster than you can scribble an address.

Take control of your shipping process

A shipping ticket is an essential control document for your shipments. Not only does it serve as a definitive list of material being provided, it also provides a trigger for invoicing and inventory relief.

Give your drivers and customers everything they need

Add terms, jobsite directions, even a signature line to verify delivery. Include any message that your drivers or customers need. Save and re-use your notes so you never have to re-type them.

Automatically track delivery status

You won’t need a paper trail to see whether a release has shipped or not. Order status is automatically updated to Shipped based on Shipping Ticket activity
Solution Details

aSa Shipping Ticket allows you to create a professional-quality document for each shipment of material that you deliver. Regardless of whether you use the term “bill of lading,” “delivery ticket,” or “manifest,” the end product is the same — a clear listing of what is being shipped, where it goes, and who gets it. aSa gives you the tools to pull all of this information together with minimal effort.




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