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Get the most from your shop! With aSa Production, your crew will fabricate more steel in less time with fewer mistakes, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.

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Achieve total shop management

Easy-to-read schedules, tags, and reports guide your crew through the entire fabrication process, from shake-out, to cutting, tagging, crane calls, bending, end preparation, material movement, and trailer loading.

Boost production rates and reduce scrap

Material yield, shop environment, and time are all considered in aSa’s computer-generated shearing instructions.

Get more from your machinery

By automating your equipment with aSa-generated instructions, you eliminate the need for an operator to manually enter details, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. For the ultimate in productivity, connect to the aSa Opto-Shear Console.

Take the guesswork out of material handling

Based on parameters that you define, the system automatically assigns items to the appropriate shearline or off-coil machine. Easy-to-apply production options let you override the default assignment when a machine is down or over-capacity.
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aSa Production creates tags, fabrication reports, and load check-off lists for each order that you produce. Its optional Computer Shearing module saves time and material by giving your shop crew specific instructions for cutting, packaging, and handling each bundle of steel with maximum efficiency. aSa-generated equipment interfaces automate your machinery with electronic instructions, nearly eliminating setup time and greatly reducing the chance of human error.




Since we started using aSa Computer Shearing, we've reduced scrap by at least 50%.".


Kevin Vadnais
Dakota Steel



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Easily set up production runs and apply options.

Easily set up production runs and apply options.

Computer Optimization

Computer Optimization

Improve yield and save production time.

Design your own custom tag layout.

Design your own custom tag layout.

Reports and tags provide clear instructions for every step of the fabrication process.

Reports and tags provide clear instructions for every step of the fabrication process.

Equipment interface instructions.

Equipment interface instructions.

Automate shearlines, benders, and off-coil machines.





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