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aSa developed a special website so that construction professionals can have quick, easy, and mobile-friendly access to important reinforcement information, such as standard shapes, bar sizes, and many other pieces of key data. Resource tables are available now. Coming soon: rebar calculators and 3D model-based jobsite apps.

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Free information tables

View bar sizes, grades, bend shapes, safety data, placing guidelines, and much more for several common building codes.

Coming Soon: Rebar calculators

Enter quantity, bar size, and length or bending dimensions. The site calculates bar weight and total length. Calculators for imperial and metric units will be available. 

Coming soon: Jobsite apps

Fabricators can improve communication and coordination by making model data, fabrication history, and other key pieces of information available to customers, engineers, owners, and building inspectors.

Mobile-friendly site

iRebar features a responsive design, making the site sharp and readable on desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, and phones.
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About Us

aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry. Additionally, aSa develops specialized software for other construction-related markets, including precast concrete product manufacturers, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects, and engineers.

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