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Shop Automation

aSa software automates nearly all rebar machines manufactured in recent years. When items are processed by aSa Production software, the system automatically creates machine-readable instructions. These instructions are output as barcodes directly on the item bundle tags (or optionally as files that can be downloaded to shop equipment). To set up cutting or bending, all the operator has to do is scan the tag. By eliminating operator entry, this automation saves production time and greatly reduces the chance for human error.




"aSa equipment interfaces take the time out of setup. You don’t have to punch in dimensions. You just hit the barcode and it’s set. Pretty slick. I’d want the aSa interface on any machine that you can automate."


Steve Drew
Titusville Fabricators




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aSa software automates machinery by the following manufacturers. 

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aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry. Additionally, aSa develops specialized software for other construction-related markets, including precast concrete product manufacturers, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects, and engineers.

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